<span>Why Are Bars Better than Liquid Soaps ? Read on.</span> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Bars are better because it lets you bathe them faster, have amazing lather, and rinse completely clean, leaving a natural scent on soothed skin. Then, there is nothing like snuggling with your fur baby after a bath with Ewegurt’s sheep milk yogurt based shampoo soap bar. This gentle refreshing scented soaps cleans your fur kid with all natural ingredients, including  organic cooonut oil and pure olive oil.

  • Builds rich lather that rinses completely clean. 
  • Helps itchy , dry skin
  • Promotes a shiny coat
  • Safe for frequent use
  • Made with therapeutic grade essential oils NOT fragrance oils. 

Ewegurt is a “clean“ shampoo soap bar . It has no artificial flavors or colors, artificial preservatives, hidden ingredients, fillers or binders.

Ingredients:Sheep’s Milk Yogurt,Organic Coconut Oil,100 % Olive Oil,100 % Soybean Oil,Sodium Hydroxide,Therapeutic Grade essential oil. That's it !